Monday, January 11, 2010

Snow Dye RESULTS!!

Here are the results from yesterday's snow dyeing. The pictures only show about a quarter of each piece, maybe a little less. These will all be for sale on my website (see sidebar for link) later today or tomorrow. If you just HAVE to have one of them, please email me right away and I won't bother putting it on the website. Use the numbers below each picture to identify it. Each piece is ~39" x 44", 100% Pimatex Cotton, high thread count, and will sell for $30.

SD#28 (much brighter greens IRL)****SOLD****

SD#29 (The one I thought would be "ugly" - not so bad, eh?)

SD#30 *****SOLD*****

SD#31 (This one is SO much brighter that the picture shows.)****SOLD****


SD#33 *****SOLD*****

So I decided to do 8 more today, they're slowly melting . . . will show the results as soon as they're ready!


  1. Great results and your tutorial yesterday was very good! I should try that here in snowy CT.

  2. I don't know if anyone else see's it but I see a face in SD#29. In fact I see 2 faces. However, these are quite beautiful.

  3. Wow !! These are simply stunning pieces ! I wish we had some snow here to try that ! They look quite magical !