Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Studio Renovations

I'm taking over some formerly mis-used space in our home for my studio. I have a dye room and what I call a "cutting" room (where I cut fabric and store things) as well as a fabric storage closet adjacent to this room, so it really makes sense to turn this room into a sewing space where I can spread out a bit. My sewing space until now has been in the dye room which made me sort of uncomfortable because of the possibility that dye might somehow get onto a sewing project - eeekk!!

So here is a "before" picture - after we ripped off 2 layers of paneling to get to the original walls. We re-insulated that whole outside wall and got rid of that icky old insulation.

Here is a "so far" picture, the drywall is up and the mudding is going on, layer after layer, bit by bit.

And a "what color shall I paint it" picture - I committed to a slightly darker version of the color on the left. Looks great with the flooring and is nice and warm.

I'll keep taking them as things progress and post them here. My house is an old schoolhouse, in use as a school from 1914 until 1959 or so. This room was used as the student lunch room at that time, then converted to a "den" by the former owners. We used it as an office space for our business, then it became a storage room when we moved the business to another location. We're putting down laminate floors for easy care, and I will have countertops on 2 walls and a design wall on one wall with it's own light source and all new daylight lighting throughout the room. I can't wait till it's finished!


  1. wow wow... this is going to be really nice when it is done..aren't you sooooo excited

  2. Yeah...It's finally coming together!...I'm so excited for you....see what a lil kick in the pants'll do...first you to me ...then me to you!...Ain't friends great?...Annette