Friday, August 31, 2012

AAQI is in Women's Day Magazine!!

Great news! The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (and Ami Simms) are in the October issue of Woman's Day magazine! Page 14. I'm so excited! Think of all the new people we can reach! May they all buy a quilt (or two)!! Please share this if you have room in your blog. Hooray for the AAQI! Plus, the September online quilt auction starts September 1st: See the quilts here!


  1. Boy, oh boy...don't we all just LOVE it! Super way to start out a new season and all of everyone's hard work! We appreciate all of you so much, slaving away at those computers for us!Thank you so much, Beth, for all you, yourself, do!!! And a big hip, hip, hurrah! for Amie and Woman's Day!!!

  2. Dang, not Amie, Ami!

    Readers: Please make and donate or purchase quilts from AAQI today, before my memory joins the other 15 members of my family's!!!!!