Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What I've been doing lately . . .

Things have been getting done in the studio renovations, just not the types of things that make for good pictures, so I decided to show you my ironing station where I have been spending a lot of time lately.

This is my mangle, for which I am eternaly grateful and which for now is tucked into a corner of the basement during renovations. I have a little TV where I can watch DVD's which keeps me sane during hours of ironing.

This is the first stack of 48 yards that I ironed on Sunday.

This is the complete stack of 96 yards that I finished yesterday. Sorry the picture is a little blurry - it was late and I was rushing to get to TKD.

All of this fabric is headed to Alberta, Canada, where a talented lady will turn it into beautiful quilts. She now has a nearly complete palette of my hand dyed fabrics. Funny - she has more of my fabric to play with than I do!!


  1. yeap, that looks like a mangle. Not like the Ironrite that I have but a mangle just the same.